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How to use the Offline Mode



The offline mode allows you to connect to a read only copy of the data source when the live data source is unavailable. It can be used when a user is working from a disconnected network or when there is any kind of connectivity issue to the data source.


The offline mode enables users to see their sessions while disconnected from the data source. This is extremely useful for off site personnel or when working in environments that have sporadic network availability.


When connected via VPN to clients network

Working from home

Working offsite



This feature is not available for all the data sources, refer to the help topic of your chosen data source.



The offline mode file is first encrypted using our own private key mixed with some information taken from the local computer. This makes it impossible for a copy on another machine to be readable. By default it is also encrypted with Windows NTFS encryption. In this case, there is no key saved anywhere.


For added security, offline files are set to expire after a delay, the default expiry is set to 7 days but can be modified via the Data Source Settings.



We want to highlight that the offline cache is read only. For mobile workers we recommend creating a local data source. This allows you to create new entries, or, by using Clipboard - Copy and Clipboard - Paste, to copy entries between data sources and modify them as needed. When reconnecting to the data source you can use copy/paste again to update the online copy.